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Who really needs a Legionella assessment?

There are conflicting messages surrounding which businesses, workplaces and properties that are by law required to undertake Legionella risk assessments.

Legionnaires disease is caused by the bacterial genus Legionella and is potentially a fatal illness. The disease is contracted by the inhalation of droplets from water systems containing the bacteria at high levels. Although Legionnaires disease is relatively scarce, other, less serious, infections including Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever, also occur from systems left for long periods. The true number of Legionella infections is not known, but detected outbreaks attract damaging publicity and could cause system operators to be prosecuted for serious offences. The HSE publishes guidance on Legionella control, known as L8. Complying with L8 helps you to comply with the law.

Trojan Commercial Cleaning are fully conversant with appraising Legionella risks in a wide variety of buildings. If you manage or are responsible for health and safety in the following environments, you will need to undertake a risk assessment of that property.

  • Office space
  • Rented properties
  • Workplaces such as laboratories and manufacturing sites
  • Factories
  • Schools and Nurseries
  • Doctors and dental surgeries

Landlords and building owners can undertake these assessments themselves, however it is imperative that individuals have the right skills and qualifications to do this.

Legionella bacteria grow where water has remained stagnant over an extended period of time. Prime examples of this are student dwellings and schools where buildings are left empty over the holidays or where equipment has been changed/ moved leaving old pipework in place creating a dead leg containing stagnant water. The same applies for manufacturing facilities which may have seasonal or sporadic use of water holding equipment. Potentially though, any building that has a water system and is used commercially, will need to be evaluated for Legionella risk as per guidance from the Health and Safety Association.

Trojan understand that businesses, schools and landlords want to work within the stated guidelines with as little disruption to their daily routine as possible. A risk assessment needs to be carried out to decide the possible risks, before any formal health and safety management system for water systems can be implemented.

We offer a no fuss, cost efficient Legionella assessment which will highlight any potential areas for attention and can undertake any actions required to help you meet current legislation.

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