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Having a clean office makes people nicer!

Research reveals that a clean and tidy office environment helps employees make better choices

We’ve all heard that a tidy desk is a tidy mind. It stands to reason that if your desk is sticky, strewn with old business cards and half-drunk tea, then you are less likely to be taking a focussed approach to your work.

But what is surprising is recent research which has revealed that having a tidy office environment makes employees more likely to choose altruistic and positive behaviours over bad behaviours. The experiment saw office workers in the clean and tidy office scenarios more likely to choose an apple as a snack, over a chocolate bar, and more likely to donate to charity.

This may be because when there is too much clutter occupying an individual’s psyche they revert to the easiest option, which is not too donate or go for the quick fix. Low level subconscious stress caused by less than desirable office environments is taken very seriously by the Chinese who spend thousands of dollars on corporate Feng Shui.

Whilst we aren’t advocating remapping your office against local ley lines, we can help you create a more productive and pleasant working environment. Our cleaners are not only trained to COSH and health and safety inspection standards, but they also work to our ‘hygienically clean as standard’ motto. We work with offices, laboratories, GP surgeries and food processing sites to make sure our clients’ working environments are as clean, safe and productive as they can be.

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