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Five Reasons You Should Keep Your Office Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness or so they say. In our last blog we flagged up some interesting research that linked a clean office to an increase in positive work-based behaviours – most people would agree we spend too long at work not to take this knowledge on board.

Here are five more compelling reasons to prioritise keeping your office clean:

  1. Cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces. With 52% of office workers reporting that they come into work when poorly – having desks, chairs and screens wiped down with anti-bacterial fluid every day is key in reducing the spread of office bugs.
  2. 80% of infections are spread through hand contact. Make sure you are washing your hands regularly. Talk to your HR or Facilities manager about getting posters put up, so that all staff are encouraged to do the same.
  3. One study found that on average keyboards hosted more bacteria than a toilet seat – euw! Avoid eating at your desk. Getting away from your work station is better for your digestion and mental clarity too – don’t risk making yourself poorly through infection or attracting mice!
  4. You’ve probably heard it before but it’s true, and therefore worth saying again…. A tidy desk is a tidy mind. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that people working in clean and ordered environments, be it offices, food processing sites, laboratories or schools, all see an upturn in productivity. It pays to be clean!
  5. Water coolers buttons are touched frequently through-out the day and this is not often an action people link to hand-washing. There are two quick wins here: affix an anti-bacteria gel dispenser near your cooler station, along with a prompting poster to “Use Gel First”. Also make sure that your cleaning check-list includes nightly wipe downs with anti-bacteria fluid.

Trojan Commercial Cleaning we have over thirty years’ experience in cleaning offices, laboratories, nurseries, schools, food processing facilities and manufacturing site. To meet our motto ‘hygienically clean as standard’ we train our cleaners against the latest health and safety guidelines, ensuring that every environment we clean is as tidy, safe and clean as it can be. 

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