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Nursery Cleaning

We understand the pressure nursery owners and managers face in keeping their premises hygienically clean. Knowing you have scores of young children to keep safe and healthy, we ensure nursery cleaning is to set standards that reduce and, where possible, eliminate the spread of infection.

We will agree a cleaning schedule with you and your team to assure you of what cleaning takes place and how frequently.

We keep a day log so that nursery staff can inform our cleaners of any specific requirements that have arisen over the day and similarly our cleaners can let you know if they have spotted any hazards or risks in the course of their clean.

Our management team are fully trained to implement cleaning measures to stop the spread of both common and rare contagious diseases that can effect small children in a close-knit community.

Should you require a deep clean service prior to an audit inspection or after an outbreak of illness, we can completely decontaminate all areas using our safe Nebulair System following a deep clean.

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“Trojan supported us prior to a CQC audit at our surgery. We made some big changes in light of the link between cleaning and infection control. As a result our nurses are more empowered to act when they see an infection control hazard.”

Debbie, Practice Manager St Ives Surgery